Daniel Vahrmeyer


Originally from Emsland in Niedersachsen, he moved in 1998 to the university town of Marburg an der Lahn to study dentistry. After successfully graduating in 2004, he spent 2 years working as a dentist in Munich. During this time, he laid the foundations of a quality-oriented treatment philosophy. After spending a year in northern England, he moved to Hamburg in 2008 and began a junior partnership at one of the largest joint practices in Hamburg. He soon discovered his interest for endodontics and purposefully pursued it in the following years. In June 2013, he successfully founded the “Zahnarztzentrum Astraturm” with Henrike Blanke and Dr. Christian Lampe.

Thanks to his continuous further development, the preferred treatment specialties of Daniel Vahrmeyer lie in the fields of endodontics and in treatments with high-quality dental prostheses and ceramic reconstructions.