Tense areas around the shoulder, head or neck are often caused by poor body posture. Changes in biting patterns can lead to a situation where the teeth „do not fit into each other anymore“. This can result in painful changes to the jawbone structure and the muscles used for chewing. Other diseases such as tinnitus (ringing in the ear) can be negatively influenced by such changes.

Typical symptoms are stress-related teeth grinding at night or pressing of the teeth. Also fillings that fall out often, broken or ground down teeth, fissures in the teeth, snapping or grinding sounds in the jaw joints or limited ability to open the mouth are all indicators of faulty functions of the jaw joint. In the worst case scenario this can lead to chronic pains.

Following an in-depth diagnosis of the jaw function at the highest scientific level we will find an individual therapy for you. Customised bite splints can be made by using joint-specific 3-D measuring in order to relieve the jaw joint in our specialised Hamburg laboratory.